Box league gold certificate winners 2015
For those playing all their matches
Box league newcomer award winners 2015
Presented by previous winner Rachel Nirmal
Girls Box League Winners 2005
Presented by previous winner Esme Dickinson
More things than just winning are rewarded

The Tennis for Life Box League was founded from the need to provide regular opportunities to play tennis at the players convenience.

Box League Presentation

Box League Presentation

The aim is to play regularly and work on areas of the player’s game that they are working on in coaching. It is not a forum to increase ratings or ranking, but rather a great forum to work on goals and increase performance.

There is a girls league and a boys league. 3-5 players in each box, with 4 playing periods, so on average 1 match per month. At the end of each playing period the winner of the box goes up, the looser down and those in the middle stay. Other movement may take place as new players join. The league is open to members and non-members of Tennis for Life. All results are posted with the LTA after each playing period. Those who want to play more tennis matches, are able to challenge players outside their box, once they have played all their matches.

Players have to be Green level and above. certificates are awarded at the end of each period for those winning their box and those playing all their matches. Many other awards are presented at the tennis for life annual awards event in September each year.

Role of honour

Girls winner                                                                               Boys winner

2014/2015    Rebecca Mainprize/Joy Andrews                      Harris Tzokas

2013/14         Frances Evans                                                     Alfie Hewett

2012/13         Esme Dickinson/Lillian Liu                                Alfie Hewett/Harris Tzokas