Cerebral Palsy is a very important area for Tennis for Life. The programme already has several players with CP taking part within it’s programme. These individuals join in groups along side able body players at present. One player also plays competitively against able body players in the Tennis for Life box league, proving everything is possible.

Tennis for Life likes to reward those with a disability at its annual awards each year.

TFL awards 2013 014 (1280x960)

2014 disability award

photo 2 disiability tennis

2015 disability awards


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Playing with Cerebral Palsy



Disability featured in a new book

TFL junior helpers March 2014 013 (1280x960)

All inclusive tennis








This area is always developing so look out for updates, but also contact Donna Andrews to register your interest.

Coming soon, Tennis for those with a visual impairment. Also a group for those with any disability to play tennis.