U8 culford tour (1280x956)

Tennis tour with leaders

Breakfast clubs – an excellent way to start the day and wake you up ready to study hard. The groups are fantastic at improving your basic skills for all sports as well as improving your tennis, all while having fun. These small groups run four mornings a week  before school in the sports hall and outside in the summer. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings 7:30-8:10am.

Miss- Hits– A fun and friendly tennis programme for girls aged 5-8 developed by Judy Murray to introduce girls to tennis in a fun, lively, all girl environment where they can develop their coordination, get to know all the strokes and get to learn the game through out Miss- Hits characters.

Mini red groups for U8’s – a fantastic way to start working on all the basic skills to develop a sporting body and mind set. There are also match opportunities and a tennis tour for this age group. Groups take place in the sports hall. Thursdays 4-5pm.


Billy the ball dog with Judy Murray and Donna

Mini Orange groups for U9’s and Mini Green groups for U10’s – This is were players progress to a ball that is more like a real tennis ball and play over a proper tennis net. Still working on basic skills and more opportunities to play matches and go on a tennis tour. Groups take place in the sports hall and outside when weather permits. Orange Tuesday 4-5pm, Thursday 5-6pm.

After school groups for older girls – Take place developing the technical and tactical side of tennis. Many opportunities to play competition at all levels. Tennis tour also available. Tuesday 5-6pm. Performance Tuesday 6-7pm.

Family fun sessions  after school on Fridays for families to play together. This has been a great success for those families attending. No prior tennis experience required from children or adults, just the ability to enjoy yourself. Friday 10 and under 4-5pm, Friday 11 and over 5-6pm.

Tennis Leaders – When the girls are 13 years old they are able to achieve their tennis leaders award which helps them improve on their communication and organisational skills. This course involves volunteering for 1 hour a week for a term and a few hours of theory.


NHS Tuesday 5-6pm group

Elite Athletic Performance group – working on the physical, mental, technical and tactical side. Working along side the schools EAP. Players compete individually and also as a team on tour. Tuesday 6-7pm.

All participants are pupils of the Norwich High School. The programme is very much part of the schools sporting programme to achieve individual and team success at a National Level. As well as offering every pupil the chance to take part in tennis, at all levels of the game.

Also mum’s tennis groups on Tuesdays 7-8pm for those wanting to learn how to play tennis. This is followed by a fun, fitness and competition session for any adult, and involves using sponge balls on a badminton size court with smaller rackets.