This is a great grass routes tennis competition which takes place during the summer term after Easter. The winners and sometimes runner-up move on to play in the county finals against those who have won at other clubs. The winners of this event go forward to play at Wimbledon.


2016 event will be held in April. Look out for further details.



The weather did not beat us

2015 TfL weather did not beat us



2015 TfL Girls










2014 NHS


2015 NHS









2014 TfL Girls

Boys rd to wimbledon (1280x956)

2014 TfL Boys


road to wimbledon TFL 007 (1280x960)

2013 TfL Boys and Girls

NHS road to wimbledon 028 (960x1280)

2013 NHS winner and R/U

road to wimbledon TFL 012 (960x1280)

2013 TfL winners

Role of Honour

              Girls Winner   Girls R/U         Boys winner         Boys R/U         NHS Winner       NHS R/U

2015   Rosie Gomez    Thalia Tzokas    Cade Emerson   Owen Daly     Esme Dickinson    Abi Sutherland

2014  Rebecca Mainprize Ruhi Chitre  Cade Emerson   Ross Dean       Felicity Chaney    Daisy Rolph

2013   Ruhi Chitre        Alice Curtin      Harris Tzokas       Owen Daly      Francis Evans      Rachel Nirmal