Tennis For Life Culford Tour 2014

Tennis for life goes on Tour.TFL at Culford 019 (1280x960)

“Ten green bottles”, “The Peanut song” , “Kiss fm”, boomed from the mini bus as we ‘rocked along’. For some the mini bus journey to Culford and back could have been the highlight of the tour, but there were so many highlights to choose from.

First there were 14 players making the journey to Culford for the grade 4 U12 and U14 tournament over 2 days. On the Saturday, the weather was extremely wet and windy and all matches were played inside. The day passed quickly with players playing or tracking other players matches. The showers were warm, for cooling down after every match. Players set match goals and performed outstandingly. Late afternoon saw some players venture outside and have fun on one of the courts while other players finished their matches. The early start at 7.30am and return at 6.30pm, was eagerly repeated again on the Sunday. This day the sun shone and players played many more matches outside. As the sun set and only 1 player was left playing, all other players played outside on 1 court, which for most was another highlight. The fun and laughter rang out over the venue.

James Isbill had made it through to the U12 boys consolation semi finals and had to go back the following day, continuing the tour. All other players had finished. Frances Evans was runner-up in the U16 girls event, which was very close. Megan Waghorn made it to the semi finals of the U12 girls. Esme Dickinson was the U12 girls consolation winner. Rebecca Waghorn was the runner-up in the U16 consolation. Rachel Nirmal made it to the U16 girls consolation semi finals.

Secondly on the Tuesday, 6 U8 girls journeyed again to Culford for a red level tournament. Joining them on the mini bus was Ruhi and Thalia, Tennis leaders.  Ruhi and Thalia had been on the weekend tour and enjoyed it so much they had volunteered to assist with the |U8 girls. Again, Singing boomed out from the bus, Perhaps Tennis for Life will start a choir? There’s a thought!U8 culford tour (1280x956)

As with the U12 and U16 some players had little match experience, but everyone performed really well. Finishing 4th was Laiba, and 3rd was Harriet. In the final it was a nail biter. Saanvi had come back from behind to lead 9-7. The final score was 10-9 and Saanvi was second. What another great day and smiles all round, and more songs on the way home.

Finally, Saturday and 5 players return for the U14 event. This day saw a lot of learning taking place, with some challenging opponents for some players. Rebecca Mainprize beat Megan Waghorn in a very close final of the consolation. Frances Evans had to continue the tour on her own and return on Sunday to play the semi final and then final of the U14 girls. Again finishing runner-up as she had in the U16 event.U14 tennis (1280x956)

An amazing week of tennis from a range of players, who worked so hard for themselves, but also for each other. The singing was quite good too.

If you want to join the next tour, please contact Donna Andrews